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We were all teenagers once. The struggle is real.

It is hard to fit in with all the confusion and changes, the biggest contributor being your appearance” We are here to help!!!
Our life courses are geared toward helping teen girls build their self-esteem and confidence.

Who we are

We are mentors offering enriching self-care, deportment and social grace classes in a fun, interactive and creative way in the hopes of building confidence and self-worth

Dear Moms

We want to be your teen’s mentor and guide. We will teach her the basics about her body and how to care for it so that she is happier and more confident about how she presents herself. We will teach her how to respect herself and how to keep her head held high in adverse situations. We know that moms already have so much on their plates so let us take over to help you help your teen better understand herself.

Dear Teens

Dear beautiful, gorgeous and amazing teen. You are born to give something exciting and valuable to this world. You have a beautiful light which shines inside you and your amazing talents should never go unnoticed. You are more important than you can ever imagine. Even in your darkest and most fearful of moments we urge you to keep your head held high - and we will show you how.

What is a Bopster?

The word Bopster is taken from Teenybopper. A Bopster is a young teenage girl, not quite and adult yet but not a child either. She is one who typically follows the latest fashion trends, celeb gossip and is active on social media.

Self-Care, Deportment and Social Grace Courses

We offer the following courses to teen girls:

  • Bopster Workshops

    Each workshop is geared to target a specific concern. We will be discussing and learning about the different aspect of selfcare, deportment and social graces. The workshops is a fun shorter version of the 12 week course topics

    There are up to 2 different workshops a month, all with different topics. Either get in contact with us directly to find out about the upcoming workshops or follow us on Instagram and our Facebook page to not miss the dates and topics

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